10 children's songs to have fun with them

17 Feb
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Music takes on special relevance at the stage of 0 to 3 years. In Lysmon Group we are clear that the children's songs They help foster the cognitive, auditory and sensory development of the student. Through letters and sound, we can teach them Positive emotions and fundamental values ​​in your life such as responsibility, respect or equality. In addition, they are a perfect ally for students to learn singing geometric shapes, vocabulary or grammar.

Our psychology staff in the Lysmon Bilingual Infant Schools ensure that children's songs They facilitate concentration on a task and fluency in languages ​​such as English. To have fun with the smallest of the house, we have prepared a list of 10 children's songs so you can listen to them in the car on the way to school or at home while they help set the table, collect toys or even go to bed to sleep.

1. Canion to learn the alphabet

With this children's song, children will learn the alphabet. The sounds and rhythm will help you memorize the lyrics with total ease, as well as teach you everyday words.

2. Song to learn body parts

The children's song My donkey has a headache It is a classic that surely you have sung when you were little. In this song children can do a simple review of body parts and pieces of clothing.

3. Song to learn numbers in English

Five little monkeys It is a basic level children's song, ideal for starting your young children in English and getting their ear used to the language. Teach numbers 1 through 5 and words like doctor head bed y m.

4. Children's song so they learn to brush their teeth

Dentists recommend that parents accustom their children to brush their teeth after each meal to take care of their oral health. One way for them to learn to clean their teeth is by putting this song on them. Surely you will never forget them!

5. Children's song to go to school

Sometimes, children have a hard time getting out of bed to go to school. They are irritable and for a parent it can be a challenge every morning. With the song I like going to school You will remind your son or daughter why it is important to go and the positive things they will learn in class.

6. Song to dance with children

With the children's song Sapito's dance The little ones will learn to coordinate their movement and the rhythm of their bodies. Ideal to start the day with energy and positivity or to dance at birthday parties.

7. Funny children's song to put in the car

Children's songs of the SingGames They are essential when you take your children on a car trip or on the way to school. His lyrics, his voices and his music will spread his joy to the whole family. One of his most famous songs is How my nose itches!

8. Song to collect toys

When children finish playing with their toys, they may find it hard to put them in their place. One way to encourage them to save the games is to put the children's song To keep everything in its place. Thus, they will learn to keep the room clean and tidy.

9. Children's song for children to go to bed

To end the day, the song Estrellita, where are you?, also known as Little star of the place, you can use it as a tune to indicate to your children that it is time to brush their teeth, put on pajamas and go to sleep!

10. Song to learn the sound of animals

The smallest of the house can not stop asking you this song. The lyrics can do something repetitive but your children will learn in two minutes the sounds that farm animals make.

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