10 children's crafts to do in February with the children

20 Feb
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Every time we tend to entertain our children with videos on the mobile or by putting cartoons on the TV, why not start the month of February with Crafts that enhance your imagination? You can find the materials easily without leaving the house and it is a good plan to strengthen ties and spend more time with the little ones in the house.

Lysmon's psychologists agree that Crafts favor creativity and reinforce cognitive processes. Creative children are much more decisive and able to function in various scenarios because they are not afraid to make mistakes. In addition, the development of creativity at an early age contributes to children:

  • Gain confidence in themselves.
  • Get good grades in class.
  • Improve your mood and maintain high self-esteem.
  • Learn to face life's problems.

The teaching staff of Lysmon Bilingual Infant Schools applies different teaching methodologies and organizes games and exercises appropriate to their age in order for students to enhance their ingenuity and imagination and that once they grow up, no obstacle becomes an impediment to achieve their dreams. In addition, in our classrooms we work in recycling activities so that boys and girls learn to be more responsible with the environment. In fact, we have developed a 2030 Agenda to contribute to sustainable development in class. Therefore, we propose 10 Crafts infantiles To enjoy a pleasant family evening.

1. Crafts with plastic plates

Take advantage of the leftover plastic plates of your children's birthdays and use them to give them a second life. You can paint the dishes in colors, add stickers, glitter ... and turn the plate into a canvas for children to let their imagination fly. Even make shapes with them like goldfish or a sun with woolen threads.

2. Crafts with plastic cups

Plastic containers such as yogurts or birthday cups, like dishes, can also be recycled. Thus, children learn since childhood that anything has more than one use. With the glasses you can make countless constructions such as a train, a snake or a castle and decorate them with paintings and cards. The power of imagination has no limits!

3. Crafts with rolls of toilet paper

Paper rolls in the bathroom or kitchen are a material with which your children can entertain a lot. Draw your favorite characters and bring them to life with the colors you want to create a pen. In this way, they learn to keep markers and pencils in order. In addition, the rolls can be used as a sword, a magic wand or a spyglass and play pirates of the treasure island. Surely you will have a great time!

4. Crafts with plastic bottles

Water or soda bottles can have more than one use. Make a spaceship with oil paintings, cardboard and plasticine, a flower pot, or create a bowling game. Let your children take care of painting the bottles and teach them to play.

5. Crafts with stones

It is a classic of craft games. Wash the stones and paint them with your children. Draw faces with a marker or add some plastic eyes. You will have a lot of fun!

6. Crafts with egg cartons

Who has not planted seeds with small egg cartons? Throw them dirt and teach your children to plant beans or lentils. They will learn the process of plant growth and take care of them every day.

7. Crafts with ice cream sticks

With the ice cream sticks you can make many figures like a snake or a flower. Children can paint them and add the materials they like most like plasticine or stickers.

8. Plasticine crafts

Having small children, you are sure to keep colored plasticine at home, a material that never goes out of style. Use it to create with your children endless figures, characters, flowers ... whatever happens to you through your imagination!

9. Crafts with wool threads

With wool threads you can teach your children to make braids and create super cool color bracelets. Cut the threads with scissors and braid!

10. Crafts with plastic cutlery

In the film Toy Story 4, the protagonist built in the nursery school Forky, a plastic fork. You at home can create it with ice cream sticks, plastic eyes, cardboard and plasticine. The children will enjoy doing it and you with them.

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