3 tips to undertake

12 Jul
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Do you know what is the first step to start?

One, find your what for.

Two, discover your value proposition.

Three, offer first and offer as a team (give firts)

Think about your why

Have you been preparing for the opposition for months and even years and have you been left out? Is your biggest dream to be able to work on what you are passionate about? Do you know that you want to dedicate yourself to pre-school education and do not have a place?

Do not give it more laps. Buy a place and fulfill your dream for life. With Lysmon group you can make it happen We are pioneers in offering alternatives to what you are most passionate about, working in a Center for Early Childhood Education, and we do it under an innovative model in the education sector, the Cooperative Franchise.

44 educators are already working on their own CEIB Lysmon with their own methodology "Lysmon smart Education" what makes us be references in the children's sector with 16 educational centers.

Discover your value proposition

Knowing your value proposition is the basic pillar on which the success of your business is based. The value proposition are those factors that assure your clients (our families and students) that their problems will be solved, that their situation will improve with your services and that what you offer them has a plus with respect to your competition and a differentiation that brings value

Can you imagine a prepared educational team at the forefront of everything related to early childhood education? Do you dream of a contrasted and differential educational methodology? Do you want to be accompanied by the best? If you answer yes, you have just found your value proposition. Lysmon He accompanies you and prepares you to be a great professional in early childhood education. It offers you that educational methodology with which you dream and does it thanks to a great team of professionals who have the experience and the vocation to make your dream come true.

Give First: Offer first and offer as a team

Our main purpose is to help others and we do it from the conviction of knowing that the union of all improves the environment. In Lysmon We base our mission on helping from our experience, because we understand the uncertainties and the restlessness that entails to undertake and the responsibility that is acquired before the families that trust in us, the most precious thing for them, their children / as. Therefore, our values ​​are based on people, on strong and lasting relationships.

Seven years ago we started being a team of just 10 people with the same illusions and fears that you can have today. Today we are a family of 100 people with the same dream, to make our students better as people and to have and know all the resources available to them. Be happy.

If your passion is to educate, you want to make a mark and you are brave, join the Lysmon Educational Club. Join the best Call the 966 181 123.

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