Know your child's first 1.000 days

03 Feb
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According to the World Association of Child Educators AMEI-WAECE, in the study just presented on Education in Spain, they conclude that it is essential to establish the bases of children's learning during the first three years of life and educate in values.

Our country is paying dearly for the consequences of not having paid enough attention to maturational development at the stage of 0 to 3 years, and again in 2019 we get the worst educational results again, according to the PISA Report.

Kindergartens are key in supporting families so that boys and girls are acquiring learning and personal autonomy. In the same way, it is also essential that the educational resources used in the classroom are innovative and of quality because many opinions agree that “there is a lot on the internet, but it's always the same".

In this decade that we have started, the educational community is aware that the "cognitive part" has to share prominence with the educational content focused on emotional education and the importance of positive language.

Educators, fathers and mothers are understanding that the development of self-esteem and the peaceful resolution of conflicts, together with manipulation and experimentation are the key to learning to think, to be aware of the closest environment.

In these first three years of lifeThe consideration of the type of society in which we are immersed plays a fundamental role. The educators are making it known, our social environment has changed, and our children too.

We know that today's children have more problems to keep their attention to the infinite stimuli they receive daily, empathy and solidarity are words that need more presence in their lives, while experiencing greater relaxation in the imposition of limits, which is a challenge to value.

What are the educational principles of Lysmon Nursery Schools?

The Lysmon Nursery Schools, faithful to their educational principles in which values, experimentation, innovation, knowledge and early stimulation coexist, offer answers in 2020, aware of the role they have had to live in the Spanish society of the XNUMXst century.

Lysmon Group It brings to the educational market what institutions consider fundamental to increase the educational opportunities of the little ones, reducing the chances of school failure and empowering the three pillars of the educational community - educators, families, students.

The offer of educational centers in the market is wide and very heterogeneous in terms of their formats, for this reason, it is vitally important to choose properly in the hands of who we leave our sons and daughters. We encourage families to be ambitious in the excellence and quality of educators and facilities, in valuing the educational method, alliances with renowned institutions and those actions that lead to participation and transparency.

The first 1.000 days, the first three years in life of a boy or girl will lay the foundations of their character and personality to reach adulthood, Neuroscience will set the guidelines for their development and Lysmon will always be present to support them in their growth process, next to their families to form a society happier.

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