Discover the best children's games for boys and girls from 0 to 3 years old

13 Feb
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During the 0 to 3 years stage, children are very curious to learn and to observe everything that happens around them. Thus, the game It turns out to be one of the most beneficial activities that little ones can do during this time of their life.

And, through the game, boys and girls acquire skills that begin to be simple, but that increasingly become more and more complex. In addition, it helps them strengthen and strengthen the skills they have already learned before.

The games contribute to the children being properly motivated, and therefore, they are an essential tool to promote the development of some of the most important skills that human beings have, such as motor skills, emotional skills and also sensory type skills.

Best children's games at each stage

Each boy or girl experiences a different maturation process, however, at each stage of growth the child will reach specific goals that he can practice and develop through the game. These are the best children's games at each stage from 0 to 3 years old:

Between the 0 and the 6 months

During this stage the children begin to mature the senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch) and begin their first motor control activities. Therefore, it is precisely at this stage when the children can begin to make games that are carried out with their hands, and that require the ability to catch things between fingers, such as stuffed animals or rattles.

It is also good at this stage to call the baby's attention by calling him by his name, singing songs and always accompanying them with the rhythmic movement of his arms, legs and changes of position.

Between the 6 and the 12 months

At this stage the children are already prepared to play with objects in their hands. Therefore, they can be put into practice with small games with balls, stuffed animals, and activities that encourage the child to stand up or crawl, such as the game of searching for objects.

Between the 12 and the 18 months

At this age, children can begin to develop the finest motor skills, and begin to be able to pick up smaller objects with total safety. Thus, building block games They are a good option during this stage of development.

At this age boys and girls can also start playing with simple puzzles (between 3 and 5 pieces) and also simple assembly kits to encourage the use of both hands and hands-eye coordination.

Between 18 months and 2 years

Children at this age begin to develop their motor skills more quickly and forcefully. Therefore, the circuits on which they have to run, climb, or slide are the best game option during this stage. You can also propose simple activities, such as save and organize toys so that the spatial sense and coordination work.

Between 2 and 2 and a half years

At this stage the children begin to put socialization into practice with other children and also develop fine motor skills. Therefore, the best games that we can propose at this time of development are the group games in which body expression is worked, like the pilla-pilla, the hiding place or the races in the open air.

Between 2 and a half years and 3 years

During this stage the children are perfectly prepared to start developing grafomotor activities. Therefore, in the children's school they start using preschool objects like the use of scissors, tempers and finger paints or waxes.

As for outdoor games, during this stage it is convenient that children begin to carry out activities that encourage organization in time and space with the rest of their peers.

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