Welcome spring! Crafts to do at school

12 Mar
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The joy of spring has permeated the classrooms of the Lysmon Centers. Through the crafts we do at school Adapted to their age, the students know what happens in the environment with the spring equinox, such as the photosynthesis of the flower or the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

From the experience of the Lysmon faculty, we know that the first years are crucial for them to develop motor skills and sensory and auditory skills. For this reason, the exercises and crafts that we apply in our classrooms are for children from 0 to 3 years old to learn to control their hands and body movement.

In addition, the Lysmon educators During the activity they are taught that class materials can have more than one use. Likewise, one of the objectives that we have set ourselves within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is that students are aware of the impact that we generate on the environment and show more respect for the planet.

In this post we are going to give you the following ideas of crafts for decho the school with spring decorations, specially designed for you to do with preschool students.

10 crafts to do at school this spring

1 flowers

In this season, flowers are the protagonists of parks and gardens. In order for the student to learn the types of plants, we can prepare silk flowers in the classroom.

First, we fold the tissue paper in four and then fold it in a fan shape. With round tip scissors we round the ends. We paste our flower on an ice cream stick and open the petals so that the flower has volume. Also, you can make flowers with other materials such as modeling clay or ice cream sticks.

2. Clouds

In spring the weather can be very changeable. A craft to teach boys and girls the types of precipitation is making clouds. Creating a sky with cotton clouds is as easy as applying stick glue to the areas of the cardboard where you want and adding cotton balls to form a stubby cloud.

3. Sun

The biggest star of our solar system is the Sun, you can teach students the solar cycles using a multitude of materials: cardboard and tempera, cardboard and tissue paper or plastic plates. An easy way to do this craft is to cut out a large, yellow circle. Your students can stamp their hands on a blank sheet of paper using yellow and orange tempera paints to create the sun's rays. To finish, cut out the paper hands and glue them around the circle and you already have your sun!

4. Ladybug

An insect that always comes out with the arrival of spring is the ladybug. Cut out a circle with paper or red cardboard and have your students stick stickers or draw the moles with markers. You can also make a ladybug out of EVA with the help of an insole.

5. Bee

The bee is one of the most important insects in the ecosystem because it helps to pollinate plants. In fact, the world's biodiversity and honey production depend on them. To teach students the importance of these insects, draw the silhouette of the bee on a sheet of yellow cardboard. Cut it out and let the children paint the insect's face and body stripes. They are sure to have a lot of fun!

6. River

To make a river, you can use a sponge as a brush and blue tempera. Apply the sponge on a white sheet to give that coverage of sea foam. To finish, with colored cardboard you can draw and cut the fish from the river.

7. Tree

For boys and girls to learn the parts of the tree or the types of fruit trees, you can draw a tree on a blank sheet of paper size DIN 4 A0. Paint the trunk and the cup with markers and let your students make leaves in the shape of their hand. Another option for doing this type of craft at school is to line the class column with brown paper.

8. Rabbit

There are animals that emerge from their burrows after winter is over, such as rabbits. To teach the life cycle of animals while having fun you can make a cardboard rabbit in class. The first step is to paint the tube with white tempera or markers. Once the tube is dry (in case you have used tempera), cut out EVA rubber to make the shape of the ears, legs and nose of the bunny. Paint the mustaches and the mouth with a marker and put on some special bulging eyes for crafts. Lastly, use some cotton to make the glue and glue it to the back of the tube.

9. Butterfly

To decorate the class with butterflies we only have to draw a butterfly on a blank sheet of paper and have the boys and girls paint it using the materials they want: markers, colored pencils, stickers, etc. Once they finish painting the butterfly, we glue it to an ice cream stick or a class column all together on a cardboard. With these crafts you can teach your students the metamorphosis of the butterfly at school.

10. Colored birds

On many occasions we have used disposable cardboard plates in our classrooms to give them a second chance. With these dishes you can create all kinds of crafts like in this case, colorful birds. We take the dishes, cut them in half and paint them with tempera paints. With this same material or with a cardboard, we cut out two triangles as wings and a small triangle for the beak. For the legs we can stick on one side of the pipe cleaning plate or use plastic straws.

What do you think of all these crafts to start spring inside the classrooms?

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