Culture of thought

18 Feb
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El Lysmon Smart Education Method fosters more experiential training, with educational teams prepared to work under the premise of “learn to think and think to learn”, With a new nomenclature, renewed resources and three proposals that set trends.

  • Student protagonist of his education.
  • Educator as a braintrainner.
  • Program to awaken talents.

The purpose of teach to think, is to prepare students so that in the future they can solve problems effectively, make well-thoughtful decisions and enjoy a lifetime of learning.

Lysmon is working on creating a culture of thought with the maximum of learning positive routines, alliances and interactions, mental knowledge bridges, new languages, skills and instruments, visual thinking and much more.

Our starting point has been the diagnosis of our surroundings in order to create teaching models, design project prototypes, improve routines and skills, in order to empower our students' talents.

Fundamental to achieve success is to do it from the Calm education, from the role of student interpreter of their own learning, as we can see in the following video:

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