How to enhance the creativity of the little ones?

03 Aug
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En Lysmon Education we understand that creativity consists in taking risks and for this an emotional training is necessary. This statement is striking because we have the mistaken belief that creativity is or is not had, however, creativity is trained.

Some children have this competence integrated almost innately, however, the usual thing is that each time a child gets results of the challenges that are marked, increase their confidence and be able to face new challenges. Given this situation, it is important that educators, their parents and family members are clear about their role in the development of their children's and students' creativity and that they put into practice some games and exercises that help them to enhance their imagination, taking into account Note that some games or exercises are not at all.

Education in Lysmon we know that is very important to follow a few points that favor the creativity of our students:

  1. Our educational methodology Lysmon Smart Education based on a plan that helps us organize ourselves and achieve some objectives is not static or immovable. We adapt each of our projects to the motivations and needs of our students according to the time and the state of each group, introducing the concerns and ideas of our children on the day.
  2. We give the same value to all intelligences and subjects, although we exponentially enhance Emotional Intelligence, bilingualism in English and new technologies adapted to the development and growth of the youngest, which gives them new resources, which over time of the history of the curricula have been practically absent.
  3. We reward the initiatives of our students. When was the last time you did as a father, relative or educator? When we strive to find alternative solutions or do something more than what is rigorously requested in each of our classrooms, we highlight it. We must be aware that we have to mention that not everything has to be done in one way and that each child must discover his own way of doing things.

Children need to strengthen their confidence words of encouragement and the affection of their family members and educators to gain security in environments they do not know and thus overcome their fears in those things and matters they do not know. Therefore, it is necessary as educators and family to be attentive and observe how they feel and offer them the necessary space to express themselves.

In Lysmon when our students are wrong, we do not focus on error but on learning. It is important that children from a very early age are aware of their mistakes in order to modify them and be able to move forward, however we highlight in a more passionate way everything they do well and how much they have learned and the effort they put in every day.

In short, it is important to remember Einstein "Creativity is intelligence having fun"

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