Interview with Inmaculada Martínez in Franchises Today

30 Nov
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This week we have had a micro-interview in Franchises today we leave you the extended version.

Grupo Lysmon was born in Bigastro, Alicante, the 2012 year. The success of the methodology and the business model has led to rapid expansion, and gives us exponential growth in recent years.

Adhering to Grupo Lysmon is an excellent business opportunity for those entrepreneurs who are passionate about teaching and the world of children from 0 to 3 years. From our expansion department of Lysmon Franchises we are aware that carrying out the development of a NURSERY Bilingual (CEIB) It is not an easy task.

We are not just several Bilingual Infantile Educational Centers without more. We are a brand, a quality brand, consolidated within the educational field, with our own Lysmon methodology Smart Education, which is based on five fundamental pillars for the learning of our students:

  1. Experiment panels
  2. sensory classrooms
  3. Tales of Leo and Lia
  4. stage game
  5. educational robotics

Smart Education makes us different, because all our materials are pedagogical and are designed for each age and each evolutionary stage of our students, giving added value to their education. Behind Lysmon there is a whole pedagogical team that works permanently in the development of the method and creates new educational tools so that the franchisee, as well as the families and our educators, have a wide range of possibilities and innovative educational advice.

One of the keys to the success of our CEIBs is our corporate image. We are innovators in making each school a reflection of our educational method. In Lysmon we have created spaces designed for children, where daily learning is transmitted through a world of animation and color that enhances their education and imagination.

Lysmon is a new concept of Bilingual Early Childhood Centers that together with our presence in more than 10 municipalities, with three own centers, one with public and six franchisees, makes us a unique opportunity in the market of education franchises and a reference in the field of early childhood education.

It is precisely this way of working educational that encourages us to start the activity, after observing the positive and advanced results of our students in a different context such as the second stage of childhood. That is why we decided to publicize and share our methodology and management model, starting our expansion under the franchise model.

Our expansion department is aware that not all entrepreneurs are equal, nor are they, the options offered by Lysmon Franchises.

The candidates to open a franchise in Lysmon can adhere to our business model through two contrasted options:

  1. Cooperative franchise
  2. Property Franchise

We are looking for people who are thinking of opening their own CEIB and their economic resources are not enough to open their school, that is why we propose the Cooperative model. The Lysmon Franchise in Cooperativa offers you the opportunity to associate by acquiring your place in property while optimizing the economic resources of the investment. Your place will give you access to one of the educational projects with greater projection within the sector of Early Childhood Education for children from 0 to 3 years and you will not go alone.

If, on the contrary, they decide to adhere to our project individually or in partnership, our Property Franchise model is the right one for them. They will be their own boss, at the same time they will coordinate a proven business model, an innovative methodology "Lysmon. Smart Education "and a know-how in management that makes a difference.

Do you want to start and like to work with children? Now it is possible, thanks to Lysmon. We invite you to choose the option that best suits your business model, cooperative or owned; and to mark the innovative educational trend in its area of ​​influence.

At Grupo Lysmon we are a team of people who are passionate about early childhood education and have business experience ready to answer all your questions and facilitate the task of undertaking.

Inmaculada Martínez

Group Manager Lysmon

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