Requirements to create your nursery school

A great vocation to educate.

Infant Education Teachers and Higher Education Technician.

Early Childhood Education Professionals (graduates in Teaching, Pedagogy or Psychopedagogy, Psychology, Speech Therapy, etc.).

The profile of our candidates is very clear, a deep vocation for early childhood education. We know that you don't see yourself working on something that has nothing to do with the children of 0-3 years. Unfortunately en The child education sector is very complicated to work in a center, whether public or private if you have no contacts. That is why the model we offer from cooperative regime is very striking. The investment cost per person is very low compared to wanting to mount it on your own.

Budget to set up your nursery school

The budget for setting up a Nursery School is 35.000 € + VAT per person.

Although we have alliances with certain banks, loans are made on a personal level and each bank studies each situation at a particular level.

Procedures to set up your nursery school

From Lysmon Franchises We carry out all the necessary procedures, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Our Turnkey Project Model, turnkey, it facilitates all the steps to make your dream come true. An innovative method in ten phases that helps you achieve your project in three months.

The moment you decide to be part of the project, we take care of everything. As a new partner you just have to take care of doing the training that Lysmon provides you, we take care of the rest.

Zone for your nursery school project

From Lysmon Franchises we carry out a viability plan for the area, analyzing (studying) the competition, sociodemographic and economic study, (birth rate) (study, average income etc.) with the aim of choosing the best location for your Infant School.

We take care of the previous study of the area where we want to launch the project. If you want it to be in your area or a specific area, we can opt for the individual franchise model.

Lysmon child education franchises

Our model of franchise “Turnkey Project”Offers people interested in undertaking:

1-Information on the itinerary to work in the profession they have studied by vocation (teaching, psychology, pedagogy).

2-The knowledge they have brought a Our Lysmon Smart Education Method to achieve a high success rate and differentiate from the competition in the Spanish educational market.

3-And most importantly, the power to decide to work from the beginning (within three months of the configuration of the equipment), where and when you want, always covered by the entire team of professionals that are part of the Lysmon Group.

From Lysmon Franchises we look for possible partners for your Franchise, we take care of performing the necessary team cohesion activities and different tests managed by a psychologist to make sure that the partner profile is adequate.

We are unique in the market and our numbers support us, from our Laboratory of Educational Challenges we offer the necessary tools so that each of our centers is an element with its own life that is perfectly distinguished from the rest of the centers of the town in which it is located .

For Lysmon Group it is very important the human capital that gives value to the Lysmon Brand and for this reason it generates spaces for meeting, training and work so that the team of each child education center is excellent and does so through the “Guide of performance for the creation of intelligent teams ”

We provide not only image, but management, method, communication and everything necessary to stand out from the competition.

You benefit from all alliances that from our department of Corporate Social Responsibility We are getting Lysmon Group as a brand (Red Cross, UNICEF, ONCE, emblematic weeks, University of Almeria, University of Murcia, AIJU Toy Technology Institute).

We have created Lysmon Excellence Club For those centers that are involved in the Group's philosophy, contribute to making the Lysmon Brand strong, thereby obtaining gifts of educational resources, sessions with specialists, discounts on purchases, advertising on social networks and many more options.

You can consult more information about our Lysmon equipment

Lysmon designs an educational business model based on a global work system, where the family, the educational center and the students are integrated in a balanced way.

Lysmon works from the development of the executive functions of the little ones, the active participation of families and the personal growth of the group of educators.

Lysmon is promoting in its centers areas of free movement, creating a culture of thought with the maximum of learning to think and think to learn, a new nomenclature for new families and new needs, mental knowledge bridges, new languages, skills, instruments and models based on visual thinking.

You can consult more information about our Lysmon Smart Education Method

If you follow the steps marked from Central, success is assured. Just look at franchises that have been open for less than 2 for years and most are at 100%.