Lysmon group

Lysmon Group specializes in the development of educational services for children / as 0 to 6 years with more than 70 workers on the payroll and 35 attached through our franchise company whose mission is to help each student / to learn and grow happy form under three basic premises:

  1. Give quality and innovation in each of the educational services we offer, the child / a being the protagonist in all
  2. Be a reference in the context of teaching early childhood education, thanks to our own education system "Lysmon method Smart Education"
  3. Disseminate our methodology in a comprehensive way through families and society

We know that each child / a is unique / a, which is why the team of professionals at the forefront of this educational project, through our "Laboratory Educational Challenges" composed of teachers, psychologists, educational psychologists, child educators, communication and marketing and management of Lysmon Group, have based the development of this new educational methodology on two fundamental criteria:

  1. Quality and Innovation in each of the tools used in the "Lysmon Method, Smart Education"
  2. Singularity in implementing the child's learning / a in the classroom

Backed by our training and professional experience, accredited for five years in management itself three preschools Bilingual (CEIB) and one municipality, and after observation of the existing supply in the market, we detected the growing need to address new approaches to personal and emotional growth of the smallest of the house.

"Open the hearts and minds of our children / as through play" is the philosophy of work that sets the pace in each of our schools and municipalities we serve (Bigastro, La Murada, Orihuela, Jacarilla, Benejúzar, San Miguel de Salinas, San Fulgencio, Santa Pola, Elche, Alicante, Abanilla, Librilla, Molina de Segura, Murcia, Malaga and Madrid.) either child education 0 to 3 years, after-school, school vacation or services catering.

The "Lysmon method Smart Education" implemented in each of our CEIB has the added value of working mental area, motor, emotional, social and language, not only individually, but in combination of the three basic pillars It requires education of a child: the students themselves, the school and the family.

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