Lysmon method

The "Lysmon Smart Education" method aims to be the vehicle to achieve the integral development of the child. The methodology is based on recent pedagogies of the new school, such as emotional education, multiple intelligences, early stimulation, positive discipline and the pedagogy of calm. Sowing teachings for life, whose main ingredients are love, respect, empathy and tranquility.

The methodological basis is primarily the game, an educational principle that allows you to explore, manipulate, experiment, invent, discover and create new mindsets. From a global perspective, through various workshops and activities, cooperatively, playful, dynamic and participatory, the child is the real protagonist of their learning. Meaningful learning, meaningful, connecting with their needs, interests and way of seeing the world.

The role of educators is our guide. Its main mission is to accompany small and arouse their curiosity and interest in learning, creating a climate of confidence which is given free rein to creativity and imagination. Nurturing environment friendly, safe, stimulating and developing the abilities and skills. Respecting the rhythm of the individual child and the group in general, positively valuing each achievement.

In this great adventure in which we all learn from all education aims straight to the heart.

Method 0 - 1 year

1 method - 2 years

2 method - 3 years

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