Lysmon disembarks in Peru. Radio Orihuela

10 Nov
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Radio interview Orihuela.

We share that currently have a significant presence in the education sector in different municipalities of Vega Baja (Bigastro, La Murada, San Miguel de Salinas, Jacarilla and Benejúzar) and started in 2013 our expansion in the province of Alicante with a Fitness Center own in Santa Pola and 2015 we signed our first franchise center in the capital Alicante.

As well we shared last week we received an award from the Association of ASEMVEGA recognition of the entrepreneurial company.


The Lysmon Smart Education Method that is implemented in each of the Bilingual Infant Education Centers (CEIB) of the Lysmon Group, is based on the discovery and learning through the game, where each of the multiple intelligences is empowered individually: the spatial visual, the logical-mathematical, the musical, the verbal-linguistic, the bodily-kinesthetic, the intrapersonal, the interpersonal, the naturalistic-ecological and the technological, and group work mental, motor, affective, social and language combining everything with the three basic pillars in the education of a child: the child himself, the educational center and the family.

Thank you for remaining confident in us.

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