Neuroeducation in Lysmon classrooms

09 Mar
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Numerous scientific studies speak of the importance of the first years of life of a person and in the Lysmon schools We are aware that it is, at that stage, when the brain begins to design the basis of its learning, which it only achieves if there is emotion.

In this phase, elements such as proper nutrition, a restful sleep, physical exercise and psychomotor skills, play as a tool to increase your desire to know and experience, perceive surprise, an appropriate use of technologies, standards and behavioral routines, bound to large doses of affection and love.

Neuroeducation is a discipline that studies the role that the brain plays in the teaching and learning process of students. The writer and psychologist Begoña IbarrolHe affirms that "educating on emotions is key to favoring learning" and the role that educators play requires that they be accompanied by a basic attitude: passion or emotion to learn and convey illusion.

Lysmon professionals know that it is essential to start from the basis that in the classroom each student is unique, each brain is different and each child reacts to different stimuli. Thus the big question arises from an educator or a family at home about how to enhance the abilities and skills of our sons and daughters in the stage of 0 to 3 years.

Lysmon Smart Education Method

The Lysmon Smart Education Method It creates the basis for this integral development of students through activities that favor cooperative work and the possibility that some students support and encourage other classmates in the classroom. The culture of thought, the creation of new learning spaces and a new vision on the evaluation items are key to undertake new challenges and respond to the needs of today's society.

The big question that families who go to Lysmon Bilingual Infant Education Centers ask themselves is, how can fathers and mothers support these sons and daughters as unique people and help them to reach maturity.

For this, nothing better than to take into account simple guidelines such as treating them with respect, closeness and understanding about what happens to them, they are interested or dislike them, in order to generate opportunities and self-confidence. Do not press them to perform actions that do not correspond to their age, at the stage of 0 to 3 years they have to experiment and learn by playing. Know and know the environment around them, experience emotions and identify the need for calm and reflection, feel empathy and manage their decisions to be more sensitive to their own needs and the society in which they will live.

These are the main foundations on which the Lysmon Smart Education Method is based so that we can have many happy families within our educational community.

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