Infant School Franchise

Lysmon Nursery School Franchise

Grupo Lysmon offers through its model of Infant School Franchises the opportunity to cover the places that are currently required in the
market, to respond to the need of families to educate their sons and daughters according to a new pedagogical approach, based on the personal and emotional growth of the smallest of the house.

Our figures

Initial investment of

35.000 €

+ VAT per person

Period of

3-4 years

Place of

300 m2 / 75 m2

of patio


5-10 years

Benefits of our Infant School Franchise

1 Profitable and Viable Business Model

Lysmon Franquicias was born in 2012 with a center in property, and in just 6 years we are already 4 own centers and 12 Franchises of Infant School in Madrid, Murcia, Alicante and Albacete.

2 Excellence and Innovation

He works with his own methodology and educational project.

Our main difference with the rest of the nursery school is our Lysmon Smart Education Method, the study of new trends from our Educational Challenges laboratory and the development of educational resources.

Each educational center is unique and we seek excellence in the work team of each nursery school.

3 We are your Team

At all times you count from Central Services with full support and support both at the business level and at the educational level by our different departments.

In Lysmon we take care of the feasibility study of the area for the opening of the center, processing of licenses before the different administrations (city council-counseling of education), technical project, visa, work, conditioning, furniture and decoration of the center, as well as of the educational training and business management you need.

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Lysmon guarantee

The 95% of franchises that have been open for less than 2 for years have an 100% occupancy

Our Infant School business model is based on a transversal and intelligent education, offering our franchisees continuous advice, constant training and an exclusive and innovative material in the sector of early childhood education.

Why our Infant School Franchise is unique

1 Approved Centers

The nursery schools that are created in Lysmon, are authorized centers (comply with all regulations), so that families can receive subsidies and grants from different communities. Other centers that are not approved, even if they are called nursery schools, are not entitled to such subsidies.

2 Educational Challenges Laboratory

From our Educational Challenges Laboratory we offer the necessary tools so that each of our centers is an element with its own life that is perfectly distinguished from the rest of the centers of the locality in which it is located.

Being a franchise the steps to follow at different times of the school year are clear and common to our centers.
We provide not only image, but management, method, communication, alliances and everything necessary to stand out from the competition.

3 We are already 16 children's education centers

Lysmon already has 16 children's education centers and families when it comes to learning about the school where they are going to take their children, they have the confidence and certainty of knowing success stories that are already working and discover an innovative teaching method to The smallest.

“You are an education specialist,
Lysmon in successful educational centers ”

You are one step away from fulfilling your dream….

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