English Infant Education Centers - Bilingual

Infant schools in Alicante, Murcia and Albacete

From here you can see NURSERY Bilingual belonging to the Lysmon group available in your area. Each CEIB is an ideal place for your little one to be cared for by the best hands, as well as for them to learn a little more about everything that surrounds them at their earliest stage.

Through emotional education, early stimulation, the pedagogy of calm, multiple intelligences and positive discipline, your child will grow and enjoy an environment in which they will learn about life with respect for others, the tranquility, love and empathy as main pillars.

Find the one closest to the area where you live and do not hesitate to contact us. We will be willing to advise you and answer any questions, as well as to welcome your little ones with open arms. Confidence, affection and professionalism define our team and guarantee a quality education.


Lysmon Bigastro

C / Father Damien 12

03380 Bigastro, Alicante


Phone: 966 181 123 Ext.3

Móvil: 611 464 923

Lysmon San Miguel

C / Santa Teresa, 21

03193 San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante


Tel. 966 843 484

Móvil: 673 000 339

Lysmon Santa Pola

C / Algiers 4

03130 Santa Pola, Alicante


Phone: 966 845 700

Móvil: 653 853 932

CEIB Adheridos

Lysmon Isla Tabarca

C / Ecuador, 2B

03008 Barrio San Gabriel, Alicante


Phone: 965 507 889

Móvil: 658 281 007

Lysmon Altabix

Avda. Universidad de Elche, 37

03202 Elche, Alicante


Phone: 653 584 093

Móvil: 625 825 238

Lysmon Concepcion Arenal

C / Conception Sandy No. 73

03201 Elche, Alicante


Móvil: 637 63 69 42

Lysmon Orihuela

C / Monseñor Espinosa 1-A

03380 Orihuela, Alicante


Móvil: 617 740 855

CEIB Cooperatives

Lysmon The Fleet

C / Alonso de Ojeda 2, Building Bitácora



Móvil: 680 477 589

Lysmon Door of Murcia

C / Doctor Pascual Parrilla nº 12



Móvil: 610 881 525

Lysmon San Juan

C / Maestro José Garberí Serrano, 11

Residencial de San Juan

03540 Beach of San Juan (Alicante)


Móvil: 651 61 82 54

Lysmon La Molinera

C / Jara Carrillo nº 1 low

30500 Molina de Segura


Móvil: 644 84 70 07

Lysmon Cieza

Avda / Juan XXIII Nº 56

30530 Cieza


Móvil: 868 24 64 98

Lysmon Albacete

Avda / Primero de Mayo 18

02006 Albacete


Móvil: 617 54 45 75

Lysmon Sewer

Road of the Romans, corner with Menorca, Nº 2

30820 Alcantarilla, Murcia


Móvil: 666 924 243

Lysmon Kids

Lysmon Kids Las Torres

Av. Juan Carlos I, 54

30565 Las Torres de Cotillas, Murcia


Móvil: 686 309 867

Lysmon Kids Rafal

C / Prince of Asturias, 26

03369 Rafal, Alicante


Móvil: 680 647 084

upcoming openings

You can now open your Lysmon Bilingual Infant Education Center.

We are looking for Investor Partners who want to open their own Bilingual Infant Education Center (CEIB) under the Cooperative model.

A unique, totally exclusive concept where the best education for children is offered thanks to the educational method "Lysmon Smart Education".

You can now have your own business, obtaining exclusivity rights in your area or area of ​​influence.

The combination of our facilities, our work zones, together with our innovative educational methodology, based on neurodevelopment, neuroscience and neurogenesis, make Grupo Lysmon the educational benchmark in the 0 to 3 years stretch.

We offer you a unique business that undoubtedly has no competition in any aspect.


Lysmon South Round

Next opening

Av. Ronza Sur, 16, 30010 Murcia


Grupo Lysmon is in the process of expansion.

If you want to open your Bilingual Infant Education Center, contact us 966 181 123

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