Self-esteem, first learning

25 Feb
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The current families with sons and daughters who will face their maturation process throughout the first half of the XNUMXst century appreciate the fact that their little ones manage to be happy and fully incorporated people in the society of their time.

It seems essential that for this to happen a high development can be developed self esteem. The Society of Child Psychiatry of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics ensures in this area that, “Children with adequate self-esteem feel more confident, have more friends and can more easily discern what they do right and wrong. ”

The goal in nursery schools of Lysmon Group is to prepare students so that in the future they can solve problems effectively, make well-thoughtful decisions and enjoy a lifetime of learning, be more empathetic and assertive, while learning more easily and being more creative.

Good self esteem, empowered by family and educators in the classroom under parameters of positive discipline, foster new skills and decrease the levels of dependence of adults, generating much higher bonds and confidence with the surrounding environment, fueling the need to know, discover and Explore in your nearest world.

How can we promote self-esteem in children?

The educational teams of the Lysmon nursery schools work daily in the classrooms with the commitment to create routines and habits that, progressively in each child, help them to generate positive feelings, emotions and behaviors.

There are several aspects that are worked to consolidate a positive attitude towards life:

1.- Know how to identify oneself, know, recognize and communicate feelings.

2.- Let our thoughts flow and accept that we are different from each other, not for that reason better or worse, knowing that we are all wrong and we all make unique contributions to our environment.

3.- Teach our students to take initiatives, to share, tolerate, receive the opinion of others, understand the reasons for their decisions, assume consequences and have a sense of responsibility, thereby favoring personal autonomy.

4.- Enjoy and celebrate each of the achievements, whether large or small, everything serves to advance and improve, to feel gradually safer in our world.

These principles, worked in the classroom with educators and reinforced at home with the family, are what will allow the little ones to be shaping the architecture of each character, the behavior and personality of children from 0 to 3 years old in the Lysmon bilingual children's education centers.

We advise families that cultivate values ​​as important as integrity, to show their children the meaning and consideration of fulfilling what is said, the concept of commitment, knowing how to fit errors and failures, understanding them as learning, and Above all, seek happiness within oneself.

This is how adequate self-esteem is built, so a person is prepared to live and enjoy each day.

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