What do children learn in nursery school?

06 Feb
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Many fathers and mothers who start taking their sons and daughters to nursery schools or daycare centers wonder what children learn during the hours they spend in classrooms every day.

During this stage of development, it is essential that boys and girls are properly stimulated so that they can develop in this way all their abilities at the physical and cognitive level. Therefore, it is good to take the children to a nursery school whenever the family considers this decision opportune.

Benefits of nursery school between 0 and 3 years

Although the first time a little boy or little girl is left in a children's school It can be a somewhat traumatic experience for both parents and the minor himself, the truth is that going to an educational center of these characteristics every day has many advantages for the smallest of the house.

Several research carried out in this area testify that leaving children in nursery schools between 0 and 3 years of age, provides the innumerable small benefits, both intellectual and cognitive level, as also at a physical and motor level.

And, in this type of educational centers, the little ones work concepts that, later, will be important to face their childhood and the later adult stage, as is the case of hygiene, order, the dream, or the feeding.

We discover what are the real benefits of taking children to a nursery school and what children learn in these early childhood education centers:

Development of skills through stimulation

One of the most outstanding goals that boys and girls achieve through early education schools is the development of many important skills for later stages of growth and maturation.

Keep in mind that the first three years in a person's life are crucial, because it is precisely at this stage, when the most important habits that will mark the life of the child or child are acquired ± a in the future.

Therefore, nursery schools help children to consolidate appropriate behavior patternsThrough activities that awaken the child's abilities and keep him properly stimulated.

In nursery school, boys and girls get to experience an early development of the area of language, comprehension and verbal and corporal expression, which are areas of vital importance for the development of the rest of the dimensions for the future.

Early Psychomotor Development

In the nursery school, boys and girls also carry out activities that promote the development of neuromotor capacity. Some of the exercises with those who train psychomotor skills In these educational centers are the circuits, in which the little ones practice the crawling, the march forward and the march backwards, among other activities.

Psychomotor exercises are ideal for testing the physical skills of the little ones, but they are also essential activities for children to know their own body and learn what their children are. action limits.

Development of logic and reasoning

On an intellectual level, the boys and girls who go to a nursery school every day also carry out activities specially focused on the development of logic and reasoning. This type of skills at the cognitive level are trained through exercises of classification, grouping, serialization and problem solving.

But in addition to all these benefits, the nursery school also stands out because it provides children with a cozy atmosphere, and a space in which from very early ages they learn to socialize with their peers and with school teachers.

Many families decide to take their sons and daughters to a nursery school because during this stage, the children are thoroughly prepared to successfully overcome the subsequent school stage that awaits them from 3 years.

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