Why choose a Lysmon center?

10 Feb
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In these moments the enrollment period 2020-2021 From our sons and daughters, from four months to three years, comes the big question of which educational center to choose for them and why do it with Lysmon center.

Si early childhood education equals educational opportunities, the choice of a Lysmon Center it means guaranteeing happier children, less likely to fail and better tools for their integral success. We understand that families resort to multiple strategies to choose the best nursery school, always based on the concepts of quality and trust.

¿What do Lysmon nursery schools offer?

  • Meaningful learning based on the experience and reflection of the student himself, protagonist of his training to learn thinking.
  • Individualized psychopedagogical attention, with attention to diversity.
  • Bilingualism based on the indistinct use of the Spanish and English language during the different moments of the day (activities, patio, lunch, toilet).
  • Psychomotor and sport plan from babies.
  • Educational teams in continuous training and committed to the maturational development of students.
  • Family participation and consolidation of an authentic educational community through Lysmon Family Club.

What families will find in Lysmon

In the Lysmon bilingual centers, our students enjoy a warm and welcoming environment in which the empowerment of different intelligences is combined with early, cooperative and challenge-solving learning.

To consolidate the concepts learned and internalize the values ​​in the classroom we use own educational resources such as panels of sensory experimentation, classrooms of the senses, bracelets, stories, scenic play, tapestries and robotics, among others.

The combination of innovation, adequate spaces, trained educational teams and committed families allows us to offer excellent results that translate into happy, thoughtful, empathetic children, good communicators, supportive and prepared for the challenges that their own environment holds.

Enjoy the education of your son and daughter, Lysmon accompanies you.
Promotion. 10% discount voucher for tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Download it here and present it at the nearest Lysmon Bilingual Children's Educational Center to secure a place for your son or daughter.

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Do you still have doubts? We recommend that any suggestion or doubt you have make us take it through:


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